Gatchaman Crowds 06-07

[Cthuko]_Gatchaman_-_07_[Mux][C54EA7A7]_001_21181Rawr! I’m angry!

There were a number of screenshots that I wanted to make the release post… but I guess we can’t always have what we want… On a side note, Paipai looks pretty damn cool up there.

Okay, I know this is already delayed but I’m going to start playing the blame game here. This has taken a lot longer to release because:

1) Australia’s internet sucks
2) Tony Abbott is an idiot who is planning to ruin our internet and waste money by installing copper wiring instead of optic fibers. I thought you said you were trying to get rid of Australia’s debts? Obviously this guy doesn’t know how to spend money.
3) Internet is really slow (at time of writing) and I can’t upload anything. I blame Tony Abbott.
4) Tony Abbott stinxs.

At the end of the day, it’s all Tony Abbott’s fault. Good job Australia, you voted in some guy that’s going to make my life a whole lot harder then it already is.

Anyways, here is your Gatchaman!



14 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds 06-07

  1. There’s a really long line in 06 that starts getting confusing around 10:46. At least one of the singular/plural word choices is wrong, I’m pretty sure, but I don’t know Japanese well enough to suggest what needs to be changed.

    Also in 06 @ 20:41, “Go on home ahead.” just sounds weird.

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