Gatchaman Crowds 05


Yeah… Pretty bad pun. I know.

Delay here and there. We’ve also updated to official lyrics. Really, It’s just a lot of bad engrish. In any case, we’ll get the rest of the episodes out as soon as we can.


9 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds 05

    1. Okay, for real, it’s not even Engrish. It’s some combination of English syllables, words, and phrases. Clearly there are several made-up words, and there’s no real sentence structure. It’s an intentional effect.

      If it helps, think of it as a derivative of jazz scat singing or something like that. But it’s mostly words here rather than nonsense syllables… combinations of words and non-words that are decoupled from the expectations of grammar. Maybe we’re getting a crowd of words.

      1. Yeah thank you, if we see it like that at least we won’t pry our ears and eyes out anymore. To be honest this was quite the shocker, especially since I expected the release of the single to bring some kind of clarity.

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