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In the process of struggling for that certain job in Tokyo (which I will likely get now, as next Tuesday is the final interview), I got some more chances to walk around Tachikawa and take pictures of scenes that appear in Crowds. This time I looked up where the spots are in advance instead of walking around randomly. There is a great summary of places and scenes on Pixiv.

Apartment - Real Apartment - Anime
The apartment complex where the Gatchaman homes (nests?) are

It’s called Sanctus Tachikawa, and it’s neighbored by the Meiji University (and an IKEA store under construction). The Tama Monorail’s Takamatsu station is close by.

Tamamono - Real Tamamono - Anime
The Tamamono

It’s the Tama Monorail that Sugane and Hajime ride to school. The train rented for Hajime’s collage hangout is on this line as well.

Park - Real Park - Anime
Utsutsu’s park

Utsutsu works in the Showa park, apparently (the Hana-midori thing is a part of this (huge) park). When I went there, there was an Oktoberfest (in August) going on, with big-bellied Bavarians singing on stage half-drunk in their traditional clothes, and beer sold for 3 times the normal price.

Spot - Real Spot - Anime
This is the spot where Utsutsu and OD are talking.

Jumpity - Real Jumpity - Anime
The street where Paiman is fighting in the opening.

Crossing - Real  Crossing - Anime
The crossing where Joe and Berg Katze fight.

Stairs - Real Stairs - Anime
The stairs

This time I got the right stairs, with the elevator (on the right) and the taxi stop Joe mentions on the phone as well.

The scene - Real  The scene - Anime
The atrium in the Granduo mall

This time I found the actual scene of the battle in the Granduo Tachikawa mall. It took a while to go to the top floor by escalator (props to the MESSed up guy) and find the best spot for a photo.

The bar - outside - Real The bar - inside - Real
The bar - outside - Anime The bar - inside - Anime
Joe’s bar

Joe frequents a Hawaii-themed bar called Bora Bora. They have really good prices – I could get my fill and a good drink (a blue cocktail of course) for under 2 thousand yen.

The shop - Real The shop - Anime
Hajime’s workplace

Hajime works part-time in the Orion Papyrus in Granduo.

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