Delays brought to you by…

Well I was promised edit and TS for episode 04 some time last week and it never came. It so happens that Kusion (Editor) and the “Anonymous Pedophile” (TS) has been MIA. They’re online but we have no idea what is happening with them. The “Anonymous Pedophile” probably stalked Kusion, raped him and ntr-ed his girlfriend.
If you want episode 04, get on IRC and bug them. Can’t guarantee it’ll work though.

Now for episode 05… Vale is currently having real life problems and hasn’t shown up for some time. We’re not the only group that’s been affected by this so please have some patience and wait for his return. We don’t know when he’ll be back but we hope it will be soon! I mean I want to watch our release of Gatchaman too…

tl;dr: Sorry about the delays! There’s nothing much we can do about it…

9 thoughts on “Delays brought to you by…

  1. 3 episodes behind, and still waiting religiously for my favorite release. Please, why do you torture us, your fans in such a manner. :'(

  2. In the mean time would it be worth changing/releasing the previous episodes with a new font just for the sake of getting something out?

    1. We’ve already started working on that, however we plan on releasing those in the batch. It’d be a bit too weird to change fonts and such mid-season.

  3. Goddamn it, now what am I going to do?!
    There isn’t anything else to watch. I mean, it’s not like there are dozens of other anime series I could be watching in the meantime…… hey wait….

    Never mind, take as long as you need. I love your release.

  4. Can we get the video of Kusion being raped and ntr’d in the meantime? To bridge the time until we get the eps. :3

  5. Hahaha this is so hilarious, I can wait, love your releases, waiting is not a problem, as long as I get to see a wonderful outcome, which I am sure is coming.

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