Gatchaman Crowds 03

Gatchaman Crowds 03

Sorry for the huge delay. Should be back on schedule this week.

[Cthuko] Gatchaman Crowds 03v2

Hyaku Edit: And here’s your v2 patch. As for the font issue, I’ve been thinking of changing it a while back but changing it mid-season is kind of weird. In other words, you’ll have to wait for the batch.

17 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds 03

  1. Thanks for the excellent subs, guys.
    There’s a few minor mistakes.
    Two separate lines have the same height at 12:02, and missing a word at 10:18. At 14:21 should be “know whether that’s”. 14:26, 21:03 words are too close. 18:17 that -> this

    1. Thanks. Keep keeping us honest. I haven’t watched the release, but they’re not minor to me. 😡

      10:18: You’re right. We’re missing “the” before “hospital” in alt suggested by QC, urk (though I can’t bitch too much, seeing as I missed the tenses issue with the original line not seen here).

      12:02: It’s noted above and is a layers issue apparently. Wasn’t like that when QCing.

      14:21: The line is “But you don’t know that’s actually true!” On second thought, I would add an “if” to it. That said, paring down the phrase and checking common usage via Google: “don’t know that’s true” -> 80.3 million hits; “don’t know if that’s true” -> 13.3 million hits; “don’t know whether that’s true” -> 5 million hits (and many of them have an “or not” at the end to complete the construction). I think people go without “if” or “whether” (or similar) even in that exact situation. Anyway, the line could be tweaked.

      14:26, 21:03: Maybe this is one of the reasons why some people don’t like Sansation, the font used. Italics makes that happen. It looks bad but not egregious IMHO. We could manually add some spacing, I suppose.

      18:17: The line is “Did Hajime give that to you?” But the speaker says that while holding the object, so you’re right that it needs to be “this” instead. I guess this line was changed after QC because it wasn’t like that earlier.

      Maybe it’s worth altering workflow if we’re not going for super-speedy releases. This week was a real mess with delays though… shouldn’t be happening again.

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