Tachikawa, the city of Gatchaman

Today I was in Tokyo on a job interview (though I’d rather call it an exam), and Tachikawa wasn’t that far away, so I thought I’d go look for the places that appear in Crowds. Sadly it started raining after I took a few pictures, so I couldn’t go around hunting down the other spots (like the mall where Sugane fought in the first episode, the elevator entrance of the Gatchaman CAGE or the bar where Joe was hanging out). I’ll do those next time I’m in the area!

Tachikawa North Exit - Reality Tachikawa North Exit - Anime Tachikawa North Exit

First, here’s the north exit of the JR Tachikawa station. It’s exactly how it appears in the anime, down to those bushes in the right. (Though I couldn’t spot a blonde guy running around with a sword.)

The Dragons - Reality The Dragons The dragon

Next, the “dragon that stretches in four directions”, this red thing in front of the station’s north exit. If you look closely you’ll notice that they even drew the windows on the mall in the background just as they are in reality.

The stairs The stairs - Anime The stairs

Then here are the stairs where Berg Katze pushed down those three people in the end of episode two. I’m not sure if I got the right stairs (there are quite a few in the area), but these looked most like the one in the anime.

The MESS The MESS - anime The MESS

Last, but not least, I actually spotted a MESS having dinner (or maybe it was just passengers boarding a bus). And here I thought Tachikawa’s resident superheroes (read: Gatchaman) have dealt with this threat already. You can’t even trust your superheroes anymore!


And the bonus: they showed the Gatchaman Crowds PV on the huge open-air screen on the wall of the Isetan mall. (There was also an Index CM, but who cares about that.)

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  1. This is awesome! I’m a sucker for this kinda stuff. I love seeing the real life locations of anime/toku stuff. I hope you do more. 🙂

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