Gatchaman Crowds NCOP

Gatchaman Crowds

Due to :reasons: (staff oversleeping, disappearing, not showing up—just the usual stuff), the episode 1 release is delayed. Until episode 2 I’ll give the folk a good scolding so that future releases will (hopefully) be much, much faster.

But while you’re waiting for episode 1 (and I hope you are, because sure as hell this release is gonna worth the wait), enjoy the creditless opening, subbed. Most of the lyrics are in Engrish, but what we could, we translated. The video is from Nico, so the quality isn’t really the best, but until the BDs are released we’ll have to put up with this.

[Cthuko] Gatchaman Crowds NCOP torrent

More seeds and download methods incoming once the staff in charge of distro show up.